Goals and Expectations

The All Iowa Attack Basketball Program is dedicated to serving the youth in Iowa by supporting their academic and athletic goals. The following guide our program:

  1. To use basketball as a platform to teach life lessons and character development such as how to be a leader, handle adversity, and work in a team setting. We believe that these disciplines can be used on and off the court and we take every opportunity to instill them into our athletes.
  2. To develop a basketball program that is accessible to athletes who desire to become excellent. If this desire is present, then we believe that nothing should stand in the way of the player achieving this goal. We aim to break down the barriers created by financial situations, abilities, and demographics in order to give every opportunity of excellence.
  3. To provide opportunities for our athletes to share quality time with family and friends in practice and on road trips. Our desire is to give our athletes and their families something positive and constructive to do with their time.
  4. To improve basketball skills. We want our athletes to be the best basketball players they can be. This requires a lot of practice, training, and working on weaknesses. This is the tough part, it means working hard, and we will push them to work harder than they want to.
  5. To develop quality individuals who value integrity, fairness, responsibility, and maturity. We expect our athletes to approach every game with the mindset of upholding All Iowa Attack as a classy program. This means demonstrating good sportsmanship and proper basketball etiquette by respecting the opposing players, coaches, and officials.
  6. To provide opportunities for the players’ future. Most of these athletes will have very successful basketball experiences. Some may play varsity their freshmen or sophomore year of high school. Many will get the opportunity to play at some level of college basketball, thus many getting their college education paid for. Whatever their length of experience, we want to give them the opportunity to play at the highest level possible, and we believe that means working hard at it right now.

Player and Parent Expectations

We as an organization understand there are other things in life besides basketball. We ask that you make you best effort to keep you commitment to the organization, coach, and most important, you fellow teammates.

We expect each player to:

  1. Come to practice ready to practice, ready to learn something new, or to enhance the skills that they already possess.
  2. Be on time for practice and attend all practice sessions.
  3. Notify the coach in advance if they can’t attend.
  4. Attend all tournaments, display good sportsmanship and team spirit.
  5. Come to every game and expect to come out a winner if you have given your all.
  6. Maintain the highest GPA possible for the given athlete. At all times athletes must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA (“C”). All Iowa Attack focuses on being well-rounded people, and we believe academics is a very important for the future success of our athletes.

We expect each parent to

  1. Get their athletes to practice and tournaments on time.
  2. Stay updated on AIA information through emails and the website.
  3. Make all payments on time.
  4. Help with various responsibilities during home tournaments (scorekeeping, concessions, admission..).
  5. Communicate and/or ask questoins with your coaches in a positive manner as needed to feel informed about the program and progress of your athlete.
  6. Have fun and enjoy the experience of watching your son/daughter grow in life!

Overall expectation:

“Let the coaches coach, players play, officials officiate, and parents cheer!”